The NYC Ballet has a two week stay in Saratoga Springs, performing for 14 nights at SPAC's venue. In order to promote the themes and special events surrounding each night's performance, I was faced with the task of creating social media content for every performance to be readily available to share each day.       


Using the photography provided, I created visuals specific and unique for each performance. Each night had more than one performance, each with different titles and I wanted to stick true to the individuality by designing each image so that the typographic treatment would stay the same throughout, but the graphic & title would be designed to fit the personality of the dance. The title and the photography are almost always interacting with each other gaging the audiences attention to read the image.

Below is a selection of a few images from this two week collection.

all Photography, NYC Ballet 



Ticket sales for this performance needed a boost and more awareness about the contemporary dance company needed to reach SPAC's audience to increase interest on this performance. I was asked to take a different approach to the design, to try something new using the photography provided by the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company to promote their performance across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  


The natural beauty of the movements of each dancer's body in the photography that I was able to use really inspired my design direction. I wanted to show the raw, elegant shapes that the dancer's body creates during these performances to visual grab attention and appeal to a younger demographic. These dances were contemporary, playful and emotional, the movements between dancers are fluid, and when thinking of all these things I came up with the idea of making abstract shapes using the dancer's body to create a fluid symmetric yet symmetric graphic similar to that of a Rorschach test, to communicate the characteristics of the performance. 

Here are a few select images from this collection.

all Photography, Lar Lubovitch Dance Company 



The jazz festival at SPAC is a weekend event featuring many different artisits and musicains on multiple stages. Sponored by Freihofer's and Stella Artois, during this event the venue is filled with tables, tents, blankets, chairs, food trucks and a huge craft sale to also keep guests entertained between performances. This busy and hoppin' event draws a large crowd, and through my social media content my goal was to advertise each artist's performances with the date so audiences would know whos playing on what day. 


When thinking of the design direction for this content I wanted to communicate the smooth, funky, moody, soulful taste that each artisit possesses in an individualized, systematic approach. I chose tonal colors to be used in my first set, contrasted by dark ink splatters where the typography is placed. Each artisits management sent SPAC a collection of protrait photos that I was able to use. These images functioned at a more lesuirely pace than the dance performances. A colorful edgy theme using lines to create depth and movement helped frame in each artists portrait. The second set layers lines and color blocks to structure the typography in relation to the photography. 

Below are select images from two different sets of images I created.

all photography provided by artist & musicians



The orchestra, just like the ballet, has a two week stay at SPAC's venue, with 14 performance nights. Each night features different guest singers, musicians, themes, events, conductors and composers. Similar to the task of the ballet, social media content need to be created in order to promote individual performances and events to be shared each day.


The Philadelphia Orchestra's logo is very iconic and visually interesting and I wanted to include it as a focal point in the graphics. I used the logo like a pattern connecting the photography to the blocks of color nested around it in the composition. Each image had a stuble pop of color matched in contrast with the dark typography, I used layers to create depth within each image. I wanted to preserve the elegance and simple beauty of the white logo, as it is the perfect face of the orchestra symbolizing music notes and the scroll of a string instrument. 

Below are a few of my images from this collection.

All photography provided by The Philadelphia Orchestra and featured artists/musicians



This is a collection of social media content I created this past summer as the graphic design intern at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY. I used type and image to promote ticket sales, interest and awareness in performances and events at the venue. These images were posted to SPAC's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as e-mail blasts. Each design provides a solution that engages audiences and maintains a consistent systematic approach and social presence while still individualizing each performance. Each campaign carried through the voice and style of the performance company's brand, working with New York City Ballet, National Ballet of China, Philadelphia Orchestra, individual music artists, and many others. I also gained experience as an in house photographer, working along side professional free lance photographers, for the venue during performances, special events, backstage receptions, and private parties. These photos were used for archival purposes,  digital and print materials, press releases and local newspapers.

All photography property of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center & Performance Companies