This editorial spread was designed featuring a 20th century invention that would be considered a game changer. After a few days of research and finally narrowing my options down, I chose to do the invention of neon lights. Neon lights are something that I feel are completely over looked as being a useful invention. But actually without the invention of neon lights hotels, bars, diners, theaters and tons of the other businesses would not be successful today without their neon lit signs! This article I found to use for my spread was about how neon art is a lost form of art, but is still sought after even all these years. It talks about a contemporary neon sign artisit and gives historical background.


I wanted my design to be largely representative of the mood and feeling that neon lights give us. I wanted to include that warm glow feeling that you get when you see them. I also wanted to give the design a retro feeling to reflect the nature of the content within. I created the arrows and created the title to be "glowing". The background image was a stock image that I found of the blurred city street at night being lit only by street lights, head lights and neon signs. I went through many different variations of this design to find the one that displayed and communicated clearly. The little graphic stars and the arrow were created from researching old neon signs and finding interesting and common elements of those signs. This whole project was very research based in order to make the different elements correct and true to the nature of neon lights and neon light artists.