Creating a four season calendar was a challenging and exciting experience. I chose to design two summer months and two winter months, but represent those seasons how they would be in the opposite part of the world from where we are. I also found with some research diagrams of the Earth and how it is shaded during each season, which I completely took as inspiration for my imagery.


The main circle that is carried throughout is the Earth and the diagonal line is the Earths rotating axis. Depending on which season, summer or winter, the shaded half is represented with geometric triangles places together to cover that half of the Earth. So summer is winter and winter is summer. I also chose color schemes based on how I felt for that particular season. Cool colors for winter and warm for summer. Each calendar was built with an underlying grid structure that keeps the system consistent. I also created my own geometric typeface, that I hand drew then vectorized during this creation process and used it for the months January and July. Each calendar also portrays a different type and image relationship within it: Separation, Fusion, Inversion, and Fragmentation. At some point I would like to continue the series into a full calendar. I wanted to represent my concept in a unique way that is both purposeful and abstract.