To help the Carry Collection at RIT inform and excite students to participate in the Adopt-a-Font program, and educate them on specific historical typefaces.  The Adopt-a-Font program is way for students to learn about the history and significance of type setting and letterpress, through the act of volunteering their time to visit the collection and help clean all sorts of type. These volunteer hours can be done in groups or individually and once you clean the type you are free to print anything you'd like! This site was created to gain awareness of the Cary Collection and the programs it has to offer.


In a fun and humorous way our team developed a concept of portraying the typeface, Cooper Black, as a real person. We created a video on the home page that promotes the Cary Collection and introduces you to Cooper Black. The style and inspiration for the video came from MTV documentaries and drama tv shows, like the Real World where they capture confessions and video diaries from individuals. The site is designed for users to experience both "sides" of Cooper Black, after watching the video the user can choose whether they "love it" or "hate it"  in the main navigation. Each page is systematically designed the same but visually different. We hard coded our own parallax scrolling site, where the illustrative backgrounds change after each scrolling section. Concept. Design. Development.


Tori Bonagura, Chaya Howell & Jennifer Dami