Book poster for the 50th anniversary of this cuckoo love story by John Nichols. After reading this book, I designed a poster for it's 50th anniversary. I wanted the imagery to and feeling of the poster to fit the essense of the book's characters and situations. I focused a lot on the main female character, who was very strange and suffered from some sort of emotional or mental disorder. The book was chuck full of weird quotes and personal stories for me to inspire my imagery off of, and so thats what I did. I chose imagery that was representative of iconic phrases from her character.


I had numerous different ideas for this at first. I went every which way and created many versions of this poster, each with different imagery and type treatment. Then it hit me, a quote from the book where she said she wished to travel the world barefoot and red dye, that way she could travel to the moon and then look back down to Earth and see all of her footsteps. To me this captured the thought process of the main character and the tone of the book. So, I went and painted my feet red and stepped all over a bunch of rolled paper in my room until I got a print I liked. I scanned it in and used it as a key element in my design, imprinting the cuckoo bird over top of the footprint texture. The cuckoo bird was completely illustrated by me and I used a red overall to represent the red dye from the quote. I wanted this imagery to stand by itself and not be cluttered with a lot of typography. The typeface for the title was very 60s and 70s which is when this book took place. Together each piece tells a story of what the book is like its feeling and undertones.